Past Reports

January 2014: The East India Company – Janet Bateson

Many of our ancestors worked in India and their lives would have been touched by the East India Company which started in 1639 and became one of the most powerful companies in the world. It not only engaged in trade; it even had its own Army and actually governed parts of India. Much of its […]

November 2013: Bishop’s Move – Chris Bishop

‘Bishop’s Move’ has been based in our area for many years and Chris Bishop gave us an interesting and amusing talk about the firm and its history. It started in 1854 when Joseph Bishop moved from Norfolk to London to be a policeman and started a removals service. Now it is the largest family-owned removal […]

September 2013: Votes For Women; Suffragettes in Surrey – Kathy Atherton

One hundred years ago the Dorking area was a hotbed of protest during the Women’s Suffrage Campaign and a number of leading activists, including Emmeline and Frederick Pethick-Lawrence. Their home at Holmwood was a centre for the movement; meetings and demonstrations were planned there and they even had a platform in their garden for activists […]