Past Reports

July 2013: A Fresh Look At John Evelyn – Peter Bennett

Much more has become known about John Evelyn in recent years. Famed for his diary, his real contribution to history lies in the fields of landscape design, gardening, architecture and town planning. His views were formed while travelling in Europe as a young man. While abroad he met Charles II who was in exile. Back […]

March 2013: Surrey Roads – From Turnpike to Motorway – Gordon Knowles

Gordon gave us a good survey of how the county’s roads have developed over the last 300 years. We learned that the term ‘turnpike’ originated from the tollgates which often had pikes mounted on them. Until the 17th century most roads were only wide enough for packhorses. Then the Turnpike Acts obliged parishes to maintain […]

January 2013: Magicians & The Music Hall – Robin Maddy

Robin, who is a member of the Magic Circle, took us back to the 1900s to show us the amazing world of magic which so enthralled our grand-parents and great grand-parents when they went to the music hall. The cinema was in its infancy; variety theatre was the most popular form of public entertainment and […]