Past Reports

September 2011: Landscape Archaeology: Judie English

At our meeting in September landscape archaeologist Julie English and our local historic exhibits curator, Dudley Sparks provided an enthralling tour de force! There was even a first-rate handout which explained, with pictures, when the Paleolithic age morphed into the Mesolithic age – and much more besides! Julie lectures at Sussex University and must be used […]

July 2011: Charles Darwin & Russel Wallace: Richard Selley

Our AGM was rapidly followed by Richard Selley talking on the two men who independently proposed a theory of evolution based on natural selection, Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, and their connections with Dorking.  We know Wallace stayed in Dorking, but not where, and the work of Darwin at Leith Hill Place is well documented.  […]

May 2011: Powell’s stained glass: Dennis Hadley

Denis Hadley is a well regarded speaker who has recently talked in St Martin’s Church, Dorking, on the stained glass windows there and their makers, Whitefriars Glass. Unfortunately on the day he had his problems with our projector and was working against the clock because of his transport arrangements.  He covered the family history of […]

March 2011: Betchworth Castle: Martin Higgins

We expected the story of Betchworth Castle would be an interesting one – and it was.  But we had not anticipated what else we would learn: for example that Westcott was the home of one of the few fortified manor houses in Surrey, a house known as Black Hawes.  And it seems that much of the […]