Past Reports

January 2011: Television & John Logie Baird: Jon Weller

Our first meeting in 2011, the talk by Jon Weller about John Logie Baird, was a cracker.  JLB can come across as a rather dour person, someone who would now be referred to as a ‘geek’, who developed the idea of a ‘hand knitted in Scotland’ type of mechanical television.  Nothing could be further from […]

November 2010: Ockley and Lowfield Heath Windmills

Elmer’s windmill at Ockley was a smock mill built in 1803 and run by successive generations of the Coldman family for over a century until it ceased working about 1912. It then fell into disrepair and finally collapsed in 1944. Peter James gave us an absorbing account of his project to rebuild the mill to […]

September 2010: A History of Westcott

Due to a bereavement, our scheduled speaker was unable to come, so Peter Bennett gave this talk which had been given to a neighbouring group earlier in the year (thank goodness for memory sticks!). Present-day Westcott is really the merger of two former single-street hamlets known in medieval times as Westcott Street and Milton Street. […]

May 2010: May Day: Matthew Alexander

At our regular ‘Second Tuesday’ meeting in May we welcomed Matthew Alexander to tell us something of the significance of May Day in the social life of England and in particular the merry-making in Surrey.  The tradition of fun, festivities and fundraising probably reached its height in Georgian times when local parishes raised much of […]